They have a plan.

I don't feel well today. That well water is the reason.

Is gas available in this neighborhood?

I'm not familiar with the boy.


Were you happy?

I've got her with me.

Daily commodities increased in price.


The boy is obedient to his parents.

Damone sliced the banana with a knife.

Kent never thought about the future.

Christmas approached.

Oleg is a bogeyman. If he lets himself be seen, all the children take flight.

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Jeff is very introverted.

It was easily resolved.

This whole thing is stupid.

I keep them for when I'm older so I can look back and think about old times.

Tennis is my favourite sport.

Let me know where you're staying, OK?

I'm busy today, otherwise I would accept.


I met them only once.

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What is the cost of the cleaning?

You're short, aren't you?

She didn't give an answer to every question.

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Would you please tell this gentleman who I am?


We are not your enemy.

This just might come in handy someday.

Do you sell desk lamps here?


I shouldn't have to tell you to do your homework.

The children were assigned to sweep the room.

I wasn't expecting you to do it for Ramiro.

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Is perfection boring?

What was Michel saying?

It came as a surprise.

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He was fast asleep.

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I'm drinking a beer right now.

I wish to see.

Judith can't believe his luck.


Cardiovascular endurance is one of the six components of physical fitness.


He wanted to follow law as a career.

I thought I was doing it your way.

I knew Carsten wouldn't be able to learn enough French in just three weeks.


She died on a cold night in December.


Are your glasses prescription?

At the very least you could get a restraining order.

I saw a lady go through the gate without showing her ticket.

The symbol "X" usually stands for an unknown quantity in mathematics.

I can't leave you.

Neil wiped away his tears.

School's not fun.

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There was a pink slip waiting for her at the office.

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Can you give me your full name, please?

Oscar ignored Lance's advice.

They can't get away.

Many homeless people can't afford healthy food.

Can I call you tomorrow?

Mice carry the plague.

She went by cab to the museum.

Let's discuss it over dinner.

A few hours after the clouds cleared and the sun came out, and the desert smelled of ozone.

My favorite music is pop music.

She seems to have been a beauty in her day.

It is likely that these two consonants are in complementary distribution.

Is it near here?


I'm not going to reveal their secrets.

Old went to his room and sat down on his bed.

My grandma is 75 years old.

Here, let me help you up.

Don't sleep too deeply.

They like the beautiful stars and moon.

From across the room, you look like Len.

He was naturally very angry.

The choice is very simple.

If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

The hearse was drawn by eight black horses.

She's quick on her feet, so no matter what you say to her, she'll have a witty comeback.

How many people in this room do you think know Danielle's last name?


Will you put down that paper and listen to me?

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Sabrina is extremely fussy.


I'd prefer not to eat that.

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We don't like Stacy.

I think Earle is stuck-up.

Olson did his homework by himself.

How do you get downtown?

Do you know how it happened?

Can you see me?

My mind was racing.

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He will accept any money he can get.

How many hamburgers did you eat?

I'll run it by him.

What do you have for me today?

I don't want to leave Boston.

I'll tell Emma right now.

She dived naked into the sea.


You're very rude.

If I'm not mistaken, I think I already paid you for it last week.

What he said was beside the point.

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Apart from that, I don't know anything.

This is a question of conscience.

You should stay home and rest for a few days.

Someone just came in asking for Don.

I don't mind it here.


Instead of putting the car into gear, she put it into reverse, causing a great deal of damage to the store-front.

You'll have to ask Pantelis that.

I have to answer his letter.

Are you going to tell me what it is?

I wish I'd known that Marilyn could speak French.

She has good style, so she looks good in anything she wears.

A new difficulty presented itself.

Anyone else think tonight's class is a complete waste of time?

Repetition is the mother of learning.

I want my own house, even if it's a shack.

We'd be crazy not to advertise.

The solution lay before my eyes, but I didn't see it.

Now he tells me the truth.

What did they bring me?

Can you talk about that a little?


She gave me a necktie which was completely to my liking.

Tuan likes to make paper airplanes.

He let the visitor into the living room.

His promise cannot be counted on at all.

They overpowered her.


I recommend that you don't do that.

I'm going to go see what's going on.

I'm going to hang out with her.


Dan almost got away with it.

I'm not concerned with the details.

I don't think Shawn is good enough for Rogue.

We learned at school that the square root of nine is three.

You suggested it yourself.

They agree that they have no choice but to give up the whole plan.


I don't want the surgery.

You were saying...?

Jeremy sneezes a lot.

Would you care to come and see me on Saturday?

Lloyd stole your money.

Sridharan took the cookies out of the oven.

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You're making her nervous.


Takao and Judith seemed to be very happy to see each other again.


Please look over the map on page 25.

I had a similar problem when I lived in Boston.

Brr, it's cold.

I've never gotten married, because I've got three pets at home who serve the same purpose as a husband. I've got a dog who snarls every morning, a parrot who curses all afternoon, and a cat who comes home late at night.

They make toys in that fabric.

I cannot think about that.

Why haven't you told her?


I heard about Jennie's accident.

Darin is getting close.

Mother placed a large vase on the shelf.

You're totally useless.

She apologized profusely.

We didn't even discuss it.

You must be very busy these days.

I cannot grow a beard in the army.

No one's going to find Sundar.


Now give me the list.

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It was fall two months ago.

Chris wasn't happy.

Dani lives here alone.


His story turned out to be true.


Do you guys want to eat here?


Do you think that I should go talk to her?